Please Air France, Just Let Me Use Your Voucher

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I have a €150 voucher from Air France for their great help when British Airways scrubbed a flight. British Airways did everything to not accommodate me, or compensate after. A paid business class Paris-New York ticket I that had to get home, which eventually meant Air France economy middle seat. Air France gave me that and a welcome drink for not being able to get in me in premium economy. Thanks, Air France!

(Note: I finally got EU compensation from BA after months of fighting, and a preposterous fare difference of about $25, though no courtesy compensation or original flight mileage).

The voucher is ideal for connecting Guadeloupe and Martinique, which are now serviced by US nonstops from Norwegian. I was pleased to see that both the daily Air France-operated flight as well as codeshares with Air Caraïbes are valid for voucher use.

Then the fun started. I got all the way to purchase on the US site and it error-ed out for being the wrong currency:

Air France Voucher US

Then on the France website it error-ed out for the ticket being less than the voucher amount:

Air France Voucher FR

I assume that means I will forfeit remaining balance, which will be fine since the voucher is about the expire.

Now I have to do what I dread: pick up the phone and call. I have dealt with FlyingBlue and am steeling for the call. It can’t be worse than FlyingBlue, will it be better?

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6 years ago

I feel there are too much negative energy in this blog recently 🙁 Are you all right?