7 Emirates 24 Hours: Rapid Travel Primer

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Two days puttering around the house, doing odd jobs, running errands, maybe a disappointing summer blockbuster movie.

Instead, a mad dash flying15,000 miles, starting Friday at 5:01 pm, punching out at the office and racing for the airport.

Spicing up an August weekend last year I took a ‘trip of a lifetime,’ my colleagues never knowing I was gone until they spied a Cheshire Cat with them at the cafeteria on Monday. Leaving work Friday evening as usual, I had flown 7,500 miles to Dubai, driven a 543 mile circuit of all 7 Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, flown back Sunday night and rolled into the office a forgivable 4 minutes late at 8:04 am Monday.

7Emirates24Hours 001

Delta 8 Atlanta to Dubai, the "Contractor Flight," with many heading to Afghanistan.

The point is not to show off but to open possibilities and introduce the planning methods and tools to Travel Fast and Smart…Linger Only in Memories!

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