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Should Companies Use Corporate Rewards to Book Employee Business Travel? 400 Miles Short of Platinum Because of Delta SkyBonus

A women I know very well and who for diplomatic reasons will remain anonymous, fell 400 miles short of Delta Platinum status for 2015 because in November her company discovered the stash of points they had accumulated in Delta’s SkyBonus program for small business. Rather than use the points to reward employees, they burned through…

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Citi $500 3-Hour Trip Delay Coverage Now Effective and Chase Partially Matches

Citi cards have new benefits effective November 23, 2014. Big news for me is the addition of Trip Delay coverage to Citi Prestige, AA Executive and AA Platinum. Surprisingly Citi ThankYou Premier does not have this new benefit according to Citi’s website, though I do not hold the card and do not have the new…

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Charles Schwab Debit Card Now Chip+Signature and $100 Sign-Up Bonus

The Charles Schwab debit card available through its High Yield Investor Checking account is a must-have for US-based international travelers. Frequent Flyer University found a $100 sign-up bonus for $10,000 account minimum (including investment accounts) and succintly lists the great benefits, “NO FEES, NO MINIMUMS, NO DIRECT DEPOSIT REQUIREMENTS, FREE CHECKS, FREE ATMS WORLDWIDE, NO…

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FTU Seattle Presentation – Opening Doors to Hidden Countries

At Frequent Traveler University in Seattle I took the audience of a tour of ‘Hidden Countries’ that are spectacular destinations. Touching on each continent, we explore how to visit countries from Bhutan to Bolivia. Tips from visas to how to use frequent flyer miles to reach these fascinating places. Rapid Travel Chai email updates ¦…

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