United Last Call, Reselling Overload, IHG’s Plans

On my mind: being a better blogger, bringing these back and return to regular posting.





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  • andimal

    huzzah, glad to see these returning!

  • Ben

    Stefan, I am usually a fan of your blog. But posting the link to the article about the US not signing the UN resolution is misleading at best. By saying the US votes against the death penalty for homosexual behavior, strongly implies that the US is pro-death penalty for people engaging in homosexual behavior.

    This of course would make most people link our current administration to persecuting and ostracizing the LGBTQ community. Which most people are think and accuse Trump/Pence of.

    The article clearly says the US is absolutely and unequivocally against the death penalty for homosexual behavior. But voted against the resolution because of its stance against the death penalty for any reason.

    That’s completely different than what your headline strongly suggests.

    Was this unintentional on your part? I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt.

  • Shannon

    The returning is welcomed. Wish it could maintain longer than last time

  • Ben, thank you for writing, I took the headline as is, my standard practice, which reflected much of the coverage the day it was announced. Following your comment I have added an NBC piece from the following day with the US statement explaining its position. I don’t include articles based on whether or not I approve of the view, I include them when I find them thought-provoking or useful information. I included it as a case of the absurdity of how UN things can play out and who ends up making common cause with who, though should have made that reasoning explicit, since the headline is indeed misleading and I could have found a better source or edited it.

  • You’ve always got that friendly twist of the knife!