Morning Chai: Farm-to-Table Fiction, Vail Free Parking, Porto Layover and More

On my mind: a pickpocket that preyed on a family member has taught us that debit cards are more vulnerable than we thought. While we raced to close the credit cards, the thief knew what payment terminals do not require a PIN from debit cards. What a hassle.





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  • Shannon

    Can you write a little bit more Porto? Maybe your version of 36 hours?

  • After Scandinavia.

  • italdesign

    So the thief bought stuff with the debit card and fraud alert did not go off? Does that mean debit card has less fraud protection than CC? I believe most/all US debit cards have zero fraud liability, so hopefully it won’t be too hard to get the money back. Sorry to hear in any case.

  • Fraud alerts did go off with the the 2nd or 3rd attempts on all cards, credit and debit. I don’t want to publicize where these were, but it was news to us that these unattended terminals can process debit without a PIN. I believe we have the same zero-fraud liability, it just would have been nice to block them in the first place.

  • Shannon

    Disappointing 🙁

  • Just trolling you. For you, I will dig up pictures and do a Porto post! In 2016!

  • Shannon

    that would be a nice Christmas gift, love you!