Here’s a United Award You Probably Won’t Book

Today’s entry in United stopover week is to show some of the Africa possibilities. I was in Dubai for business and booked this swing through South Sudan and Sudan, ending in Djibouti, for 47,500 miles. That is 30,000 miles Middle East to Northern Africa plus 17,500 miles intra-Northern Africa. My stops in South Sudan and Sudan were both over 24 hours so one of them was free.

ua-horn-of-africaI don’t recommend South Sudan at this time. Sudan and Djibouti are both safe for tourists and two of my surprise favorites of Africa. See the pyramids before the Egyptians cottoned on.

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  • MC

    Come on by to HGA – will be there Oct 25-29!

    In Khartoum I recommend trying to get to the pyramids if you have time

  • Angie

    Can you share your experience with visa application for all three countries? It seems they all require visas in advance for US citizens.

  • @ Angie:

    -South Sudan you can apply with the embassy in Washington or certainly local travel agents can get you a visa on arrival approval, I went with Atlas Travel which can be reached via Juba Grand Hotel. It is good to have help because visa approvals are tightening – pay rates are so high they have too many people from around the world showing up to work.

    -Sudan you need a local tour agency to get approval for your visa, I tried many and selected Lendi Travel and was very happy with their service for my custom itinerary. There may be a visa carve-out for certain nationalities for overland transit down from Egpyt, though I did not investigate.

    -Djibouti is visa on arrival for many nationalities including US. Fast process.


  • @MC – I visited HGA on the same trip, was the next stop after JIB. It was a lot of fun, starting with the lecture immigration officials gave us that we should have had a visa in advance, but they would let us in anyway and wished us a nice time.

  • Daniel

    Great to know regarding Sudan. Thanks for posting this and for the visa information, Stefan. I’ve wanted to go for a long time. Will try out the travel agency route!