Morning Chai: Graveyard of the Obama Doctrine, A Republican Worth Voting For, Hotwire Fax Scam, and More

On my mind: Azerbaijan e-visa works!



  • Read the comments on the absurd piece Pronoun Privilege. Gives me hope for internet comments: interesting, funny remarks for and (mostly) against.


  • Hotwire warns customers of a fax scam. Yes, fax.


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  • Thanks for sharing my link Stefan. Bank rules are getting so strict, that I believe that they have outsmarted themselves. The standard used to be, don’t close until the annual fee hit, but with Chase’s 5/24 and Citi’s Family rules, you may be better off closing out immediately after the bonus posts to your account. Have a great weekend.

  • john

    Any chance you will share your credit card strategy?

  • @john – a lot has changed recently so I have been getting whatever I can and denied a lot.