Morning Chai: Suspicious Mindset, Extra Hyatt Points and More

On my mind: cod cheeks vs cod tongues, both good, both better pan friend than deep fried, not sure I can pass a blind taste test. The cheeks a bit more gelatinous, perhaps.





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  • Thanks for the mention re: Sneaky Hidden Fees of Online Travel Agencies. My philosophy–charge what you want for a service, but DISCLOSE your fees!

  • And speaking of philosophy–I’m enjoying Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile who quotes several of the authors in the Philosophy Reading List. I like reading a little philosophy before turning in–better than watching the newsfeed on my IPhone.

  • Shannonn

    I don’t even know what cod tongues is until I google it. You really eat everything. Learned something new today.

  • @Shannon – neither did I, and when I heard Newfoundland is proud of its cod cheeks and cod tongues I had to double-check if they were a name for something else or that actual thing.