9% Cashback + 10% Rewards + Stack Coupons is offering 9% cashback through TopCashBack through April 30, 2016. These rates change frequently, typically ranging 4-6%. I find TopCashBack consistently among the highest, most reliable to pay, and with fewest exclusions of cashback portals.

Update: reader Brian pointed out the referral offer mentioned here expired shortly after post, current offer through August 11, 2016 is $15 for me and $0 for you, similar to a new sign-up they currently are not offering any bonus for new customers. If you still use my link, I appreciate it. I don’t know the pattern of prior sign-up bonuses, they may have a different offer from August 12, 2016 when the current expires. If you are not a TopCashBack member, support this blog by registering using my referral link, you’ll get $10 and I’ll get $15 once you have earned minimum $10 in cashback.

TopCashBack 9 Percent

You can use all valid coupons to stack with cashback. Generally their coupons are limited to non-chain properties and require spend of $250 or more. TopCashBack lists many current coupons. Rewards is a 10% rebate program. Every qualifying 10 nights stayed you get a reward night that is the value of the average of the price of the prior 10 nights. Hotels that participate in earning and/or redeeming awards are shown when booking hotels.

Prices sometimes are lower on the app so compare that to using cashback with the website. and are my two go-to hotel websites. I often use for small hotels and guesthouses, while for larger hotels. As with other 3rd-party booking sites, you generally will not get hotel loyalty program benefits or points for the stay.

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  • JB

    I have been trying to use a 15% coupon I have for (so 15%+9%+10%) in Japan. But, when I compare the price to book at the hotel directly it’s 30-40% cheaper. I’ve used for years but now I’m wondering if I have been overpaying.


  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @JB – some do compensate for the fees, often same hotel cheaper if both have it, good to compare direct, many small hotels don’t have website other than these.

  • will price match the lowest publicly available rates! I always book through, then call in to price match.

    There are multiple ways to get a good deal on

    Option 1: RapidTravelChai way
    9% TCB + 10% Rewards + Price match

    Option 2: GC
    Pay with GC — buy discounted eBay GC (~5-10% discount) and when there’s an increase in eBay Bucks (6-10%), buy gift card from Paypal Digital. That’s 10-20% discount right there! You won’t get the TCB cashback if paid via gift card though, but that’s potentially 20% GC + 10% Reward + Price Match

    Option 3: pays 14% Jetcash but must be paid via credit card. So that’s 14% JetCash + 10% Rewards + Price Match

    Any of these options will get you a very decent room rate.

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  • Brian

    I signed up for TopCashBack using the referral link in this post and never received the $10 Stefan describes. I joined in early May, shortly after the post was published, yet a TopCashBack rep told me “when you opened your account I’m afraid we were not able to offer a sign up bonus to new members and instead this would only be paid to the referring member (your friend) as normal.”

    I’m still glad I signed up, but be forewarned that you won’t receive a bonus as claimed in the article.

  • Brian

    Resubmitting comment as it looks like my original didn’t post.

    Note that the TopCashBack referral link in this post doesn’t pay the $10 as described. I signed up using the link in early May, shortly after this post was published, and never received the $10. I reached out to TopCashBack last week and they responded with the following: “when you opened your account I’m afraid we were not able to offer a sign up bonus to new members and instead this would only be paid to the referring member [Stefan] as normal.”

    I’m still glad I signed up for TCB, but be forewarned that you won’t receive a bonus signing up with the link in this post.

  • @Brian – I have come across this comment and the one prior that got caught in the the SPAM filters which get over-aggressive at times. I have investigated this as best I can. It looks like the $10 was a limited-time sign-up bonus that must have expired shortly after I posted, as you indicated you used the link a short time after posting. Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot of what was the then offer showing any valid day, and if when you did it, you also do not have a screenshot that the offer was then still valid, then there is not further basis to argue it with TopCashBack. I also don’t have a way to track if a specific person used my referral link due to privacy, so I can’t know for sure if I received the cashback in your signup as a basis to argue with them, but regardless I appreciate your use of the link. I am updating the post with the current info and also from what I can see, TopCashBack is not currently offering any new account bonus for new members by any signup method, instead it now shows a $15 for the referrer and nothing for the new customer, valid to August 11, 2016. I will keep my eye out for new ones. I do not have a formal relationship with them such as some bloggers have with credit card issuers, so I can only check from time to time what they are offering.

  • Brian

    @Stefan Thank you for the follow-up and updating the post. Overall not a big deal, especially considering your suggestion has saved me much more than $10 in a couple short months.