Hooters Las Vegas ‘Only British Stay There’

On the Las Vegas Airport shuttle the birthday group passengers were first time in Vegas and chatting with the elderly, straight-talking shuttle driver. As we passed Hooters, one said, “I hear those wings are slap.” (New slang to me.)

The driver said, “Only foreigners stay there. Everyone I drop off there is British. Locals know it is not good. Owner turned over three times. Dan Marino the quarterback was once part owner, he got out quick.”

Hooters Las Vegas

It is also not a great location.

So what’s the British connection? Virgin Atlantic tie-in? Seeking Americana? Dirt cheap?

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eponymous coward

Dirt cheap?

Yes, about as cheap as you can get close to the Strip.


I guess the news doesn’t get out to the UK that Hooters is a dump?
As a Vegas enthusiast, I have never ever considered staying there. It was San Remo I think before it converterted to Hooters… the casino is tiny.. it’s pretty pathetic looking place…. Even the new Tropicana next door is whole lot better… but I always stay at an MGM property.. even the lower end Luxor and the Excalibur is better than the Hooters.


To be fair, the Hooters in Nottingham England is a dump and the girls are ugly.

I’m not British (but I’m married to one and gave birth to two). I also have to say that I find the Hooters concept weird, along with its clones in other “cuisines” i.e. Twin peaks, Tilted Kilt etc, but a couple times a year a girlfriend and I go out to our local Hooters. They just have the best wings that I have found. I realize this comment is not useful in understanding the mystery that is the British affinity for the Hooters in Vegas, but I’m partially hoping people will flame this comment and say, “What? You think Hooters… Read more »