When You Live in A Time Zone That Doesn’t Exist

I arrived in New Caledonia and adjusted my time zone to GMT +11:00. My watch was easy enough, just a turn of the knob.

My Android devices don’t have that knob. There is no GMT +11:00 in Android and no custom time zone option. You can pick a different time zone and manually adjust the time, which works for local though then displays every other time zone wrong. Maybe there is a hack? Does Apple have GMT +11:00?

Android Time Zone

Australia’s Norfolk Island is also GMT +11:00 and Lord Howe Island is GMT +10:30. This trip I have really lost track of time! I keep my computer on US Eastern time to keep track of things back at base.

I wonder what it is like to live in a place left off the map so that even its time zone is not validated by mobile phones. Is it all part of the island time relaxed lifestyle? Or does it feel disrepected?

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  • Larry

    My iPhone 6 has New Caledonia so it seems to be an Android issue.

  • WillFlyForMiles

    My iPhone easily finds New Caledonia time zone. So it’s android issue only. Let us know how New Caledonia is!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @WillFlyForMiles – New Caledonia is the Martinique of the Pacific and that is not a compliment, very urbanized and congested, very expensive (even if McDonald’s value meal is $10 and up), I suppose the draws are the Loyalty Islands, and the area is big with Japanese tourists and cruise ships. Only one on this trip that I have not enjoyed. Coming from US I can’t make the argument for it over nearer mass tourists beach options.

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