Chai Digest: Ebola Free, Sex Change Tree and More

Dateline: Jersey City, NJ.

Earlier this week I intended this week to lead with a mini-editorial on the need to stop the facile debates on is Islam a religion or peace or not. Whether divine-inspired or not, religion is one of the most effective constructs for humans to indoctrinate, motivate and manipulate to purse their desires for power, wealth, sex and all that makes us human, good and bad. Approaching human butchers as anything more than butchers leads to intellectual farce and tragic failure. The events in Paris have overtaken us and I will stop here to mourn the loss of those who were living as humans should.





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  • john

    sorry this is unrelated, but just noticed you went to north Sudan. How hard is it to get a visa these days? Is it difficult to travel around?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @john – you need to work with an agent to get LOI and rather than dealing with embassy they do Entry Letter for Visa on Arrival, realistically you will need to work with the agency for an itinerary as well to get the permits for each place or bring a ton on hassle on yourself. We went with Lendi Travel ( and they did a great job. You can get permits for most anywhere in the north and coast, permits the south and west hot spots are not going to happen.

  • Jamie

    I think that when you say your high school gets 5% from your red card, you’re referring to their Take Charge Of Education program. If so, it’s actually 1% (still fantastic), but coming to an end in May (or perhaps July?).

    It’ll be interesting to see what Target replaces it with. For our school, the Target money was great (we got around 5K a year from them), but the funds could probably be much better used by a school more in need. I’m hoping Target replaces this program with something meaningful.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Jamie – you are right, I got the card confused with Target’s overall 5% charitable program. Whatever they do going forward, I hope they promote it much more, my high school in Minneapolis, Target’s home, only had a few hundred cards opted in to the program from a base that must have been many thousands of eligible cards.