Chai Digest: 24/7 Gluten and more

Dateline: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (which bans VoIP calling)




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  • I’m not sure that Namibia really has their own distinct kind of food. I’m not sure what the tribes eat there but I’d consider the food to be something like South African & some German thrown in. I did eat a tasty zebra steak during my trip there! 🙂

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Michael W Travels – we did have a kind of mush and baked thing at one of our breakfasts when we asked what the cooks make for themselves. That’s as close to local as we could find. I have had more than enough of the English/South African breakfast, for sure.

  • Shannon

    But you just came back here and are back on the road again to Middle East? That is not enough of time to put up and get rest .. on FB you still post your trip in Africa …that is really confusing to follow for readers.
    I also couldn’t understand why UAE bans internet phone…is that just in hotel or lounge to control traffic?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – yep, I am crumbling at the grind, all economy by the way. On Instagram I am using the tag #latergram, for Facebook I don’t know a good way to do it, for several days had no phone roaming or workable internet, and don’t want to put out a huge batch at once when back, so have been trying to catch up, starting tomorrow I will be caught up to where I am now: the newest UN Member State.

  • Shannon

    A man devoting to career and his enthusiasm is super sexy to my eyes. Lucky Mrs. RTP 🙂 But I think travel is free must be joking about “I want to take a second to say that Stefan planned this entire trip down to the minute”…that sounds more like military drill than rapid travel??

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – for Namibia we had a tighter route and schedule because of the challenge of the roads, few gas stations, and need due to animals to avoid driving at night. So it was planned much more tightly than my usual, where flights may be locked in but the rest is up to change and whim. Last night where we had more flexibility I let the other 3 choose whether to stay in Etosha or drive more leisurely down to Windhoek, so it was more in contrast to Drew’s never plan more than a day ahead style.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – Dubai likes to project an image of openness while maintaining tight control on communications, back when BlackBerry was big they tried to bully BB into opening its security or shut down service.

  • Andrew C

    Lots of good stuff in here as usual – thanks!