She Wasn’t Laughing at the Park Hyatt Toronto Carnival Mirrors

“Oh, look at your legs!” I blurted out in a stupid husband moment.


We had been waiting for the elevator at the Park Hyatt Toronto and noticed a visual effect with the angled brass frames.

Here’s the approach:

Here’s me straight on heading down to the gym:

Here’s the side panels:

I don’t mind bulking up the leg tone, not going to show the rest. No photos of my wife exist.

We spent the rest of our stay in this otherwise unremarkable hotel jumping in and out of the elevators to not be caught.

Why consider the Park Hyatt Toronto? If you have the Hyatt credit card with its annual category 1-4 certs you may be hard-pressed to use them. We tried in LA and nothing was under Category 5.

For Payk Hyatt fans, Toronto is the only one in North America that qualifies. The category 4 and under Park Hyatts are:

Hotels are not my beat, can’t say I have been to a single one on the list. Been to most of those cities and enjoyed them all.

Readers, what interesting hotel mirrors have you encountered, and keep this for a PG-13 audience!

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  • Shannon

    those are sturdy legs but the mirror thing isn’t really that unique to write about?

  • P T

    Nothing about mirrors, except the ones in women’s dressing rooms are pitiful, but we are using ours at the Grand Hyatt in Muscat this Fall.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – my wife works in the luxury industry, she said they study every possible reflection and lighting in those settings and was amazed at this slip-up in a prestigious hotel. Had to be there to share the laughs of dodging the reflections.

  • David

    “No photos of my wife exist.” .. lol 🙂


  • David

    actually I can’t recall ever seeing a pic of your wife.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @David – her hands have appeared on the blog.