I Only Get Suite Upgrades When I’m Alone

“Would you like a suite upgrade,” I was asked yesterday at the Holiday Inn Resort Grand Cayman.

“Yes,” I said aloud. Inside I muttered, “Always happens when I’m not traveling with my wife.”

Once, just once, I would like the upgrade to appear when we are together and can use the space in our different sleep schedules.

I am not one to bother much about rooms, I don’t call ahead or try various ploys to get better rooms, so it is a roll of the dice when I check in. We do try different methods of check-in together, she check-in alone, I check-in alone, it seems ironclad that when together the hotel wants us to spend quality time really together. Or…maybe she is calling ahead after all.

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  • Jim

    Boy does that sound familiar !!

  • Carl P

    It looks just like the suite I got upgraded to when I was on a trip with my mom. They didn’t mention the change from to double beds so when I hit the room was I wasn’t wanting to share a bed with my mom. After some thought I kept the suite and used I slept on the pullout couch (without actually pulling it out). It just added a lot of flexibility for sleep times, room temperature, etc.

  • Carl P

    Sorry for the slightly garbled post.

    It funny how similar the rooms are. I can’t tell if your bedroom was a separate room from other area or not (as mine was). As I recall I was in an HI Express in NC, as opposed to a HI Resort on the Caymans, so the similarity ends there.

  • Phil

    LOL. Happens to me all the time.

  • Same thing with my wife. She remembers Hilton Budapest very well as one of the few hotels where she was with me when I received an amazing suite. That was 2002. Of course, she has been in many hotel suites with me since then, but not the most impressive ones. It seems that I get the biggest suite spaces when traveling alone.

  • Skybuck

    This is known as the “Murphy Bed Law”

  • I had that exact same suite 2 years ago the night before my wedding. Luckily I wasnt alone LOL

  • JJ

    Happens to both me and my significant other as well… When we’re traveling separately on business. Never when we’re together!

  • Jamie

    Wow, so true. I’ve gotten suites with my family, but only when I’ve actually arranged it or asked for it. I can remember only one instance where we got a suite without having to pay for it in some way (via points, DSUs, etc), but I did email the hotel ahead of time and say that we would appreciate one of their larger rooms if one were available for a complimentary upgrade for a diamond member (or something like that).
    I almost never travel alone, and the one time I did, in St Louis for a night, I got put in a huge room. It was more like a junior suite, but massive and with a very large dressing area between the room and the bathroom. And an absolutely gorgeous view of the arch and the river. I had to invite my local friends to come down. It was just too pretty not to share with someone.