New Accounts 150 Points for Tedious Survey (Targeted)

I recently registered an account in order to book flights to the Channel Islands. is separate from British Airways Executive Club, you need some UK address to register, and can move points between the two. The main appeals are additional airline partners like Air Malta and other partners like EuroStar trains.

A few weeks after registering I received an email offer of 150 points to complete a survey. The link was specific to my account so won’t work for anyone else, however I think chances are good if you register you will get it after a few weeks as well.

Avios Survey 150

The value is not so much in 150 points, rather in having an account active that might come in handy. One thing I like is that, unlike transfers to Iberia Avios, having a British Airways Executive Club household account (rather than individual) does not prevent transfers.


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  • Chris

    As a resident of Guernsey, I’m delighted to hear you’re planning a visit!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Chris – I made the trip a month ago, to Guernsey and Jersey, I knew little of either in advance. Guernsey immediately became one of my world favorites. I need to catch up on blog posts.

  • john

    world favorites? do tell! Also interested on the logistics/cost/pain.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @john – sorry for the delay, my comment notifications are going wonky. Guernsey is great, I do need to post. Logistics are easy as long as you get yourself to London Gatwick (or a ferry from France). Cash tickets often cheap. Driving is a bit tight on the very narrow roads.

  • David

    I signed up for an account a few days ago. Received the same survey invitation by email today. It wasn’t especially tedious to fill out. Now I just need to develop a strategy for using avios (a currency I have never found terribly appealing).

    Thanks for this potentially useful tip. FWIW, I’m a pretty harsh critic of most bloggers (who I see as little more than shameless shills for the credit card fees) but yours is not only valuable, it provides useful info on lesser-known destinations and options to get there, and I don’t feel like I need to take a shower after visiting. Thanks.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @David – you compliment made my day, I should made it my slogan. Certified not requiring reader post-read shower. 🙂 has the additional niche airlines, EuroStar trains, and probably others I need to explore as well.