Burundi Visa on Arrival

Burundi sees few visitors and has few overseas diplomatic missions, so virtually all nationalities can get visa on arrival. When I see both Chinese and Indian passport holders able to get visas on arrival, I know it is legit since they so often need visas in advance.

Side note, I like the Chinese guys coming for business next to me in line speaking in Mandarin, “What did you put?” “Oh, just put tourism.”

Burundi Bujumbura Airport

A 3-day transit visa is US$40. It seems to actually be 3 nights rather than 72 hours, so one traveler with 3 nights/4 days was able to get it.

90-day single/multiple-entry visas cost $90.

Pay in cash with crisp, new bills (post-2006 series).

In this series:

Upon arrival, once through the health check gauntlet now standard in the region, go first to the visa desk with a visa form and arrival card and get instructions for payment, which is at another window. Return with the receipt and the officers print a colorful, full-page visa.

You do not need pictures and no one I saw was asked for any supporting documentation like return flights, hotel reservations, etc.

Visa in hand, proceed through immigration.

It all has a casual, friendly feeling. Local women with heavy carry-on baggage pass their items forward past immigration to be collected later. Airport employees greet their friends and some scoot to the front of the line.

Join the smiles and enjoy your stay.


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