The East Africa Borderless Visa for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

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Reading the local newspaper on my flight out of Rwanda I saw an item about the 3-country East Africa Borderless Visa. For US$100 it provides 90-day multiple-entries to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The article noted that Tanzania has plans to join without giving a timetable. Further, that few have applied for this visa as it is not well promoted.

You should apply in advance at the embassy of the country in which you will first enter the bloc. This visa is not available on arrival.

You can move freely between these countries or leave the bloc and return within the 90-day period, so sidetrips to non-participating countries will not invalidate it.

Uganda Jinja Source of the Nile 01

For US citizens, the single-entry visas available on arrival are Kenya $50, Uganda $50 and Rwanda $30 so even one stop in each can lead to savings. Multiple-entry visas generally require advance application and cost even more.

This can be especially useful for nationalities that may not have home country diplomatic representation for these countries and may not be able to get visas on arrival, particularly Rwanda which requires most nationalities to get visas in advance.

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6 years ago

I read this posting in the Africa & the Middle East Forum so it is available on arrival now:

b0nnie29 on Jul 14, 15 at 9:33am

Update – Just got back from Uganda and Rwanda. I purchased an East Africa Tourist visa on arrival at Entebbe airport. No forms for me to fill out; I asked for this visa and paid $100 US dollars and the official put the visa into my passport. Very simple.


[…] The East Africa Borderless Visa for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda […]

7 years ago

Looking forward to hearing about your Rwanda visit. Hope you saw some silverbacks!