Flash Giveaway: 2 United Club Passes

We found 2 more United Club one-time passes that expire 11/30/14.

Please share the best thing you have eaten in an airport lounge in a comment on this post by Tuesday, October 28 at 23:59 PDT. Mine is grenadillas in Lima’s Sumaq Lounge.

Comment email field must contain valid email address for potential winners to receive notification. A potential winner of 2 passes will be selected at random and notified by email on Wednesday, October 29 and posted here. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept by Thursday, October 30 at 11:59 am EDT. With tight timing I want to get those out as fast as possible and am leaving the country Thursday night. Available to US entrants/addresses only.


And the draw goes to #2, Britt who ate half smoke chili dogs at the new Ben’s Chili Bowl at DCA airport. I will be there in December for Frequent Traveler University so will check it out.

United Club Passes 29Oct14

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  • K-Gut

    I forget which lounge it was, but a few years ago in Guadalajara (GDL), they were serving Mexico City-Style al pastor tacos. Best farewell treat ever.

  • The new Ben’s Chili Bowl at DCA airport. Awesome half smoke chili dogs!

  • Joe

    Good question – my answer is the cheese chunks from the LH FCL in Frankfurt. Don’t know what kind it was, but mixed with prosciutto it was amazing.

  • Annette

    Snack mix in Charlotte ;-(

  • Emily G

    While there are many things at the Plaza Premium lounge (in Heathrow T2) that are delicious, my favorite was something that’s very simple – and very easy to get totally wrong: croissants.

    Easily the best croissants I’ve had since I lived in Paris – and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they were flown in from Paris daily or made by a French pastry chef on-site. They were flaky and buttery and fluffy – and truly needed no extra jam or butter.

    I indulged in two while sipping on some rich hot chocolate – and if I closed my eyes, I could almost feel like I was back in my old flat, on the verge of another amazing day in the city of lights.

  • Jose

    When traveling to Texas for my wedding, I stopped over in Philadelphia and had the best Philly Cheesesteak ever at the US Airways terminal. I was in heaven… Then I got married.
    (My wife will kill me if she reads this)

  • pmlago

    I’ll eat just about anything. I’m grateful just to get access to a lounge for some relative peace and quiet and some munchies.

  • inge

    Turkish yogurt sprinkled with a bit of salt at the Prime class lounge in Ataturk Airport

  • Dan

    The brisket tacos at the DFW Centurion Club were amazing. Better than some tacos at real Mexican taco joints.

  • Jon

    I haven’t really been to any nice lounges, so unfortunately the best I’ve had is snack mix at the AA lounge.

  • Jamie

    The best thing I’ve ever had at a lounge is the fried chicken at the Centurion Lounge in NYC. Restaurant food in a lounge? Amazing.

  • MV

    Octopus in Munich Lufthansa lounge. It was good but it can be made in a better way.

  • Claire

    Had a great breakfast in Hong Kong.

  • The Baklava Bar at the IST flagship lounge for TK is always a winner with me – and my dentist!! 🙂

  • john

    chili dogs in the Atlanta airport, just don’t eat too many before a long flight!

  • Matt E.

    The Saffron Risotto at the SWISS Arrivals Lounge in ZRH.

  • Jordan

    Mini yogurt pretzels in an AAdmirals club :/

  • jason

    Vending machine in Lansing MI 🙂 The one right across from the Delta gates.

  • Justin

    Toasted bagel….

  • Mike S

    nothing. All my travel has been on Southwest or JetBlue and they don’t have any clubs where I have been. HOwever, I do have an upcoming United flight that would be perfect to use these passes on.

  • RC

    Curried Couscous — LAX.

  • Erick

    Had some awesome dim sum in HKG

  • Kunal

    Best thing I’ve ever eaten at a lounge was in the Lufthansa lounge in Terminal A, Frankfurt Airport. They were cooking fresh pasta (not just heating it up like in other lounges) and they had a smoothie bar. It was a very good experience.

  • Kai

    Never really expected gourmet food in the lounges, but eating with some friend help make it a good meal. Was in Delta’s SkyClub at JFK – had some hot soup, finger food, and a mimosa, what is lacking in food selection was certainly made up by the atmosphere. 🙂

  • Shah

    Veggie burger at the Miami airport

  • Steven

    I had a fantastic apple tart in the Centurion lounge in DFW.

  • Tian

    Cold cuts in Italy

  • charlie

    Weiner schnitzel in the LH lounge at Dulles. Yum!

  • michael

    Legal Sea Food clam chowda at Boston’s Logan Airport

  • sean chang

    steamed dimsum dumplings and roast duck with noodles at EVA star alliance gold lounge in TPE

  • Chris

    Fresh sliced iberico ham in LH FCT

  • MARC

    A lot of things at DFW Centurion Club, brisket is probably the best

  • James

    I had amazing sautéed king prawns with chilis and rice at The Wing First Class lounge in HKG.

  • Jim

    Oasis Lounge – JFK. Chicken Marsala

  • James

    King Prawn Sautée at The Wing HKG

  • JRG

    Sandwiches in the USO lounge at Atlanta. Not exactly an airline lounge, but oh so good….

  • Mike

    Pistachio macaroons in the LH lounge in Frankfurt (the hot dogs were a close second ).

  • Jack

    The lamb bored at the Vegas centurion lounge!

  • Jack


  • Brett A.

    For sure the pretzels at the LH Frankfurt lounges. Yum yum.

  • Karen

    dimsum at the AC star alliance lounge

  • LeeAnna

    I like the Caprese salad at the Admirals lounge in SFO. Simple and decent.

  • Ang

    Tomato ramen at Lufthansa in Frankfurt

  • suechibana

    I eat anything at the airport. So happy inside the lounge. peace and quiet for being myself.

  • nbdona

    I also have 4 UC passes, 6/30 expiration for sale at $12 each. E-mail request to nbdona@msn/com. Tnaks