Confirmed: Citi Prestige Priority Pass Includes 2 Guests or Immediate Family! And $50 Authorized Users!

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Citi Prestige took on a new look and new benefits on October 19. For lounge access, out went Airport Angel and in went Priority Pass. Last month I dug into the fine print to see that this form of Priority Pass might be a whole lot more generous than the versions offered with competitor cards like Amex Platinum. I was skeptical since no US-issued card had offered the full Priority Pass Prestige level, but today the new card and letter arrived:

Citi Prestige Priority Pass

As a Citi Prestige cardholder you have been given complimentary enrollment into the Prestige membership level of Priority Pass Select, which entitles you to free lounge visits for you, two guests or your immediate family. There is a fee for any additional guests you bring (currently at a rate of US$27 per guest per visit).

Yay! No more getting my wife in and me outside. Well, since I currently have so many cards with lounge access it was more often one for her, one for me. But it sounds better to think of me sitting in the terminal, while she has Mövenpick ice cream inside.

This is the only US-issued card that I am aware that grants Prestige level. All others are for cardholder only. The ‘Select’ part means you can’t use it for United Clubs.

Authorized Users also get their own Priority Pass and cost only $50/year (see the full terms). Wow. Bring the kids and the grandparents.

For international family travel this is a great benefit. Even those frequently flying in premium cabins can be stuck at airports where the airline has no lounge access.

Citi Prestige has so many cool benefits that I plan to keep this card long-term. Some I am just learning, such as 3 free rounds of golf per year for the primary cardholder. See the MasterCard Prestige benefits here, and book golf here.

(Note: Citi Prestige also grants access to American Airlines Admirals Clubs, but this is only for the primary cardholder and guests, not for authorized users, see correction in comments 1 and 2.)

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6 years ago

For priority pass, does the “immediate family” mean I can get spouse plus 3 kids in free?

8 years ago

Chase Ritz Carlton card comes with lounge club membership that allows unlimited guests (limited by lounge policies).


[…] – Stefan at RTC wrote about this earlier. I missed his original post but I’ll give credit to him for picking it up […]

8 years ago

could you confirm if the $250 airlines credits are good for tickets as well. say I charge $1000 – $250 =$750 ??

8 years ago

(Note: Citi Prestige also grants access to American Airlines Admirals Clubs, but this is only for the primary cardholder: no guests, no authorized users.) says Prestige gets 2 guests or immediate farmily into the AC.