Do You Hang On to the Airline Hot Towel?

Flight attendants give a little scowl when I am in business class and refuse to hand over the hot towel when they try to scoop it up.

Airline Hot Towel

I find it useful to wipe my hands down after the meal, especially if something sticky like jam is involved and I am clumsy.

Am I an oddball in this or do you do this too?

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  • Bill

    Yes! I keep mine to use as wet wipes in the lavatory.

  • Robert

    You’re not odd, it’s the US based attendants who freak out. I was on American Monday morning with breakfast meal and wanted to keep my for after handling the bread. I thought she was going to attack me with the tongs for holding the towel back. I don’t know, is Doug Airlines inventorying the disposable towels??

  • The Weekly Flyer

    You don’t have to hold on to them. I bring the pre packaged hand sanitizing wipes for the flight. They are great for cleaning hands before or after the meal plus refreshing.

    I’ve found them in AF’s lounge and a few others.

  • BOShappyflyer

    Ditto to 2nd comment. They are just doing their job.

    You don’t have to hold on to them. Whenever I travel, I also take with me the pre packaged hand sanitizing wipes (I have a handful everywhere I go). Super great for places where there are napkins or wipes.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @BOShappyflyer, @The Weekly Flyer – count me as one who carries those too, always useful on trips. For hot destinations like Mumbai where I am now I also carry a Japanese-style pocket towel for when I start sweating. I do find it interesting, as @Robert said, of how the flight attendants do get aggressive with the tongs if the towel is anywhere in sight.

  • Atif

    I use mine to wipe down the tray table and AVOD control/screen and any other surface I’ll be touching. I’ve had people sitting next to me notice and start doing the same thing…

  • Joey

    I normally bring the flushable baby wipes with me to clean up my hands after meal service. They’re quite helpful too when travelling and using the public bathrooms with no toilet papers.
    @Atif, I do that as well but using hand sanitizer (not sure how effective that is but it helps peace of mind.) When I’ve seen flight attendants prepare these hot towels, they normally just pour really really scorching hot water on these towels and that’s it. Not sure if that’s effective in killing bacteria.

  • Christian

    I always hand the towels back. The FA’s have enough to do without trying to guess whether I’m a jerk that throws the towel on the floor, or wherever else.

  • Jared

    Can’t wait to see what you hang on to from the toilet.

  • David

    Yes, we all know you’re an oddball but that’s besides the point 🙂

  • Jim

    I don’t keep it, but they always have too much water so I squeeze the excess out in the aisle.

  • Shannon

    What does Japanese-style pocket towel look like and what’s difference? Like this?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – yes, like those, usually square, not too big, thin, and I don’t know the technical term but less fuzzy than typical bath towels. Men and women in Japan use them especially in the sweltering summer heat when many are still suited up for work.