Amex Serve $50 Direct Deposit Offer Appears to Work for All

Many Amex Serve accounts received targeted emails offering a $50 statement credit for 2 direct deposits of $250 or more completed by 6/30/14.

Amex Serve Direct Deposit Offer

Of the 3 accounts in our family, only one received the targeted email, however I tried all 3 using withdrawals from Amazon Payments which are counted as direct deposits.

I am happy to report all 3 received the $50 credit within a day of completion of the direct deposits.

Amex Serve Direct Deposit Credit

These were all accounts opened within the past few months that had not previously received such an offer or statement credit. It is conceivable that older accounts may have had a similar promotion and not be eligible for a repeat.

There is no need to opt in for offer, only to have the direct deposits, so it is worth trying for any Serve account.

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  • M

    Did you do ACH from your bank account? or was it real direct deposit from your employer?

    I tried setting up ACH from my BofA account but it failed.

  • Heavenlyjane

    Direct deposits are a pain to set up and undo.. What did you do to make it easier?

  • Ben

    Heavelyjane- Re-read the post. He says he uses amazon pay

  • @M – set up the Serve account as a bank account in Amazon Payments and made two deposits. Account verification is by trial deposit so it takes a few business days.

  • Mr. Cool

    did make the amzm payments from lichtenstein? (:
    id like to do this but i understand its somewhat complicated to convert bluebird to serve?

  • Mr. Cool, BB has a similar offer so it should work for both.

  • @Mr. Cool – if you do convert later you need to close BB, get Serve such as free on-store temp card at CVS, activate for permanent card which takes a long verification phone call and then they send the permanent card. For the 3 we did we did not wait any time after closing BB and had no issues, but others have had bad experiences. You can also sign up online which I have not done. If you have a compatible phone you can look into Serve with ISIS for higher monthly credit card load limits.

  • Mr. Cool

    @William Charles -thanks! wonder if i can do the BB bonus, convert to serve & get the bonus there also (:

    @Rapid Travel Chai -also thanks! serve with isis sounds complicated but ill look into it too!

  • Setting up direct deposit isn’t hard. In your Serve account go to add money, direct deposit, show account info. The routing and account numbers are shown. Enter those in AP. The hardest part is waiting the 5-7 days for the verification deposits to show up.

  • Mr. Cool

    @Rapid Travel Chai
    can you please remind me about the advantages of serve over BB?

  • Mr. Cool

    @Rapid Travel Chai
    i see. then i gotta switch to serve! havent used my BB paper checks so far.
    -does serve cap loads @ 5k/month like BB?
    -does the 1k/1.5isis online CC load count towards this 5k/mo limit?
    -does serve or BB allow online deb card loads? counts towards the 5k/mo?

  • @Mr. Cool – you can add up to $10k/month capped at $100k/year across all methods. Each method has its own limits that contribute to the $10k, like online credit card loads capped at $1k/month in $200 daily increments for non-ISIS cards. Debit card is also online and is also $200/day max $1k/month and should be separate from the credit card limit.

  • Mr. Cool

    @Rapid Travel Chai
    -the load limit for BB via GCs at WM is 1k/mo? whats the limit for serve please?
    -any idea how to find ISIS GCs?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Mr. Cool – sorry, I do not know WM stuff, none that I can reach. From what I have seen online, many stores now are having issues so it is case by case.

    For ISIS I think it is a just an app, I am note aware of gift cards branded as ISIS.

  • Mr. Cool

    @Rapid Travel Chai
    this MS game is quiet the quagmire, but i think im figuring it out. thanks for the info!

    side note.. not sure in which area youre based, but maybe you remember me mentioning a REALLY good & authentic Uzbek restaurant in Queens.. anyway, ill be there july 4th. 10:30am. tandoori. 99-04 63rd, forest hills, ny

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    Mr. Cool – Too bad will miss, that would be fun. We will be north of the border.

  • Mr. Cool

    @Rapid Travel Chai
    ah cest la vie
    perhaps later this summer