FTU Seattle Presentation – Opening Doors to Hidden Countries

At Frequent Traveler University in Seattle I took the audience of a tour of ‘Hidden Countries’ that are spectacular destinations. Touching on each continent, we explore how to visit countries from Bhutan to Bolivia. Tips from visas to how to use frequent flyer miles to reach these fascinating places.

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  1. […] One of my favorite presentations was done by Stefan from Rapid Travel Chai.  I have been reading his blog for years and he can only be described as hardcore!  His talk about hidden countries opened my eyes to a few new places that I hadn’t considered visiting.  Instead of trying to explain it, I will send you over to his site where all of the slides are posted! […]

  • Can’t believe you haven’t been to New Zealand.

  • Really enjoyed your presentation!

  • @William Charles – not for lack of interest, will get there some day and want to have plenty of time to explore.

  • @Matthew – thank you, and I will be implementing your United tips from your talk, lots to learn when starting a new airline relationship.

  • JEM

    Enjoyed your presentation immensely! Will be planning my trip to Guadalcanal soon!

  • @JEM – great, I hope you make the trip.

  • Stefan – really enjoyed meeting you and talking with you. I was glad I was able to catch a portion of your presentation as well. Your travel is very inspiring and exciting to me! Keep it up!

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  • Papa Smurf

    Great presentation. Loved hearing your travel stories.

  • It’s definitely worth the visit, much more picturesque than Australia and the people are nicer to boot.

  • What, no Belarus in your slide show? I am shocked! How much more obscure can it get?

  • @Milesforfamily – it was a tough call but Transnistria is extra wacky and unfortunately near to current events. Limited time so could only dance over a few.

  • Joey

    I loved your presentation as well! Keep it up! I agree on Paraguay. I went back in 2011 and absolutely loved the experience. At the time, the multiple entry 10-year visa was also $160 but you had to apply at the embassy/consulate. Quite easy.
    As for Socotra, I recall someone asking how to get there and I was going to yell out Felix Airways or Yemenia but didn’t want to be rude. 😉
    Great seeing you at the conference and looking forward to hearing more about your travels Stefan, especially Socotra and West Africa (visa entente countries?)
    I was in Moldova earlier this year in the winter and thought about going to Transnistria for the day but that area of the world is FREEZING in February!

  • Tom

    Really enjoyed your presentation.

  • @Joey – I just don’t have a good head for airlines. Your comments are always welcome. Thanks for attending.

  • @Tom – thanks for attending, I hope it saves you some money and helps in your travels.

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  • Joey

    No problem RTC! I’d think a few of your readers, including myself, would go with you to Socotra (with you making all the decisions, of course) just so we can see firsthand how you rapidly travel. Just a suggestion but no pressure at all.

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  • @Joey – that’s an interesting idea, it seems like a place to hang out and enjoy the nature, so suitable for friends and not so painful to be with me, nowhere to rush. 🙂 I have seen what happens on FT or MP when people try to plan a lunch get together, so it probably does require a top-down approach.

  • Trudy

    Don’t know if the error is on my end, or yours but I read your headlines, am interested, and then there is no content. I did not go to Seattle but can not find any of your presentation. Don’t mean to be rude, but what is the point of hosting comment when there is nothing there to comment on? Thanks

  • @Trudy – perhaps there is a browser error, you can also view the presentation at Slideshare: http://slidesha.re/1mrOg7m