Still Time to Get Free Desk Calendar With JAL USA Credit Card

You have until December 16, 2013 to jump on the credit card bonus of the holiday season, a free desk calendar for signing up for the JAL USA Card.

JAL USA Card Calendar

Yes, this is tongue in cheek. I am heading out on vacation and in the mood for a little mischief. We all know the “X days left to get the bonus of a lifetime” posts on so many blogs.

They sent this out 11/25 so apparently they have not yet reached 100 applications, back to the drawing board for their marketing department!

The JAL USA Card possibly has some use for frequent JAL flyers because it gives a 10% sector bonus on JAL fares eligible for mileage earning, primary cardholder only. In fairness, in addition to the promo calendar, the regular sign-up bonus of 5,000 miles after first international flight still is valid.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated in any way for this card or by JAL.

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  • Gene

    “Disclaimer: I am not compensated in any way for this card or by JAL.” Not even a free calendar? 🙂

  • @Gene – if a card application is worth a calendar, maybe a blog post is worth a paperclip?

  • Let’s not forgot about the free stuffed pony you can get by opening up a Wells Fargo checking account.

  • @Nick – I was just catching up from a couple weeks away from miles and realize I missed out on the Norway thing but not too late for the pony.

  • SFOPhD

    @Nick @RTC Don’t knock it, WF has a pretty darned cute pony this year… 😉