She’s Upstairs Biz, I’m Last Row: Flight Spousal Harmony

I don’t value business class enough for myself to pay the miles premium. I can handle a long flight and can shake it off.

However I DO VALUE the premium to achieve spousal harmony. If my wife is in a bad mood I can’t shrug it off.

We are winging it to Japan today, she is business class, upper deck, exit row on a 747.

I am last row on the plane, 63, hoping the other seats stay open and I have a makeshift lie-flat seat. If, not, at least I should be greeted with a faint smile when I deplane an hour later than her.

Happy family travels near and far this Thanksgiving!

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  • Joey

    She’s very lucky!!! Safe travels to both of you and happy thanksgiving! Hopefully the flight wasn’t full and that you got your own makeshift skycouch in economy.

  • Dave

    she is lucky she is on the same airplane

  • UnitedEF

    Happy wife = happy life 🙂 Good luck!

  • RMF325

    You are a good man! Happy/safe travels!

  • LessLuckyWife!

    Do you give husband lessons? I love mine lots but he would prefer me to fly coach too and our spousal harmony means I give in to him! Indeed, one of the reasons I am in this game is to have access to better flights/accommodations at coach prices! But I am not complaining. We are married going on 38 years and it is a give and take that works for us! Have a great trip.

  • What would have been even better, and to help visualize, is a picture of your coach seat vs your spouses 🙂

    Good move on not putting her in the last row, haha.

  • P T

    Good for you. Although I much prefer having my husband next to me, but given the choice you had, you made the perfect decision!

  • mommypoints

    Ha ha I would do the same but put my husband in the biz seat. WAY too grumpy of a coach traveler. 😉

  • I got the four seats in the end, had to worm around tge arm rests that only go up halfway.

  • Did that pre-flight, will update, I got one pic of her seat, then she forgot to take pics.

  • Jamie

    Agreed, rapidtravelchai and mommypoints, getting a business class seat for my husband is something I never regret. For us it is more that he doesn’t like taking short trips, partly because the travel can be exhausting. But in a better seat that’s not as much of an issue. So, we can travel more often. (well, assuming we have enough miles of course).

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