The World Less Traveled Presentation from FTU: North Korea to Miles Beyond CX J to Bali

Here are the slides from my The World Less Traveled session at Frequent Traveler University.

I tried to make the slides mostly stand alone though the videos are lost in conversion, please post any questions in the comments and I will expand on the info.

Thanks to all who attended.

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  • There are some flight options you didn’t mention.

    For Solomon Islands, Air Pacific flies from NAN (Nadi, Fiji) at least a few times a week. They’re a parter with American and Alaska Air.

    For Haiti, United has daily service from EWR. I’d also highly recommend going to Jacmel in the south, which has a nice beach and great art.

  • Joey

    I really enjoyed this presentation at FTU, RapidTravelChai. Thank you.
    Just wanted to add that Copa Airlines is another option to fly to Asuncion, Paraguay. When I went back in 2010, Copa used the same frequent flyer program as Continental Airlines so even though I was only a Gold in Continental’s frequent flyer program, I managed to get an upgrade to Copa’s business class. 🙂

  • smitty06

    I should have gone to this. Your presentation looks awesome. I hope you will repeat it in the future.

  • @Miriam – thanks I saw that Air Pacific flies there however had no idea of their AA and Alaska partnership so neglected it, thanks for that. Also I live nearer to EWR than JFK yet still overlook it, thanks for catching the UA EWR-POP flight.

    @Joey – I did not realize Copa is upgrade-eligible for United elites, that does make it is a nice options.

    @smitty06 – I jokingly remarked that I spent about 1 hour of prep for each attendee, so I do hope to get a chance to do it again sometime, audience is niche and we had a great time. Attendance on Sundays of these events is less and less, I wonder if a better way is to hold them for one day. Then the mileage runners probably wouldn’t stick around till Saturday lunch, though!

  • Joey

    The last time I flew Copa was back in 2010 but from checking United’s Mileageplus website, Copa is still upgrade-eligible for UA elites!

    Go to Notes section and on the third bulletpoint it says “All multi-cabin flights operated by Copa are eligible for Complimentary Premier Upgrades…”
    Their business class product is similar to UA’s domestic First class but it’s still better than sitting at the back.

  • @Joey – that is great to know for South America. I have only flown them once on two short segments that were quite pleasant. San Jose, CR – Managua, NI was so short I could barely fill in all the arrival forms.

  • jim

    is that video you posted? btw it is not playing

  • @jim – I had some videos embedded into the presentation, those do not play within slideshare. If the slides are not playing then main issue I would guess is not having flash or block flash?

  • Actually it is now called Fiji Airways, not Air Pacific, but still partnered with AA and AS. For paid flights, you do have to be careful with the fare class, particularly if you are trying to credit to American.

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