United States Air Force Academy

On a business trip to Denver Tech Center and a dropping off of Mission Pies from San Francisco for friends in Colorado Springs, I stole a few moments to visit the United States Air Force Academy, chased away not long after by a flash torrential downpour.

The campus is very modern. Visitors can only view it from road overlooks and the Cadet Chapel, which is breathtaking, not only the main chapel but also the smaller Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist worship spaces beneath.

The visitor center is small, aside from the theater and the Subway outlet, the space is half staid exhibition and half massive gift shop. No charge for admittance.

The Academy is just off I-25 coming down from Denver, on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. With even just a few minutes, the chapel is a must-fee. See the official website for visitor information.

Air Force Academy 04

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