FTU DC RTC international seminar topic survey – please chime in!

Update: the survey was inexplicably (to me) broken and similarly inexplicably by changing nothing except re-saving, it now appears to be working, sorry for the inconvenience to all who tried.

What do you want to know about international travel? Travel as in emerging from the lie-flat airline seat and hotel executive lounge. 🙂

The FTU team is granting me the great honor of inclusion on the FTU DC program, with Hidden Pitfalls and Possibilities in International Travel, Sunday, April 28 at 2:30-3:45.

I am going up against not just Ben Schlappig, not just Gary Leff, but BOTH of them together in Award Booking 101, plus Hans Mast in Earn Almost Unlimited Miles Cheap with Shopping Portals. This could turn out like the Delta breakout at the first FTU at LGA, remember the narrow hallway by the emergency exit?

So if you are attending FTU DC or just want to cast your vote for topics that will run on Rapid Travel Chai, please take a moment to fill out this short survey, the choices are simple: “Yes please,” “Meh,” and “Skip it,” on topics ranging from “Miles and points beyond the same old, same old” to air passes.


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  • Oscar

    impossible to fill out… You’ll see why…

  • Looks like the survey is set up so you can only choose one topic for yes, one for ‘meh’, and one for no rather than saying yes/no for each topic. I’m not sure if that’s what your intention was, but it would be a shame if I could only suggest one topic for you to speak about since you have many great ideas there.

  • Emil A

    The survey needs adjustment as said above. Thanks

  • john

    I really enjoy the chai digest, I hope it will return.

  • @Oscar, New Girl in the Air, Emil A – oops, very embarrassing, thanks for pointing out.

    @john – thank you, this past weekend Boarding Area was undergoing maintenance and we could not post, it will be back this week.

  • @Oscar, New Girl in the Air, Emil A – so I re-saved the survey with the exact same settings and it is working as intended again, I have not idea what is going on with it, but it seems to be working as intended, please try again.

  • Thanks for the fix!

  • RakSiam

    It will be good to hear from you. I plan to attend your session. I already know how to book an award so Lucky and Gary don’t likely have much to say that I haven’t already heard from them.

    I’d say to check the other topics and try not to be redundant with those. You travel to a lot of interesting places that other folks don’t go to so I think I’d like to hear about planning and going on those trips.

  • @RakSiam – it will be great to meet you in person!