“Reversal of incorrect bonus miles”: away goes the United 5,000-mile credit card bonus

Many of us took a flyer in the fall on a promotion for 5,000 United MileagePlus miles for spend on MileagePlus Explorer credit cards. After many of us registered, United changed the offer to specify it was only only to cardholders in certain Central American countries. The miles appeared for many in December and it was chalked up as a pleasant score.

Reader James just wrote me that his miles were taken back, and I see mine are gone is well, with a negative 5,000 entry listed as “”Reversal of incorrect bonus miles.”

James had prophetically commented:

I hear you. FYI I had emailed CS at United about two weeks ago with a screenshot of the offer and the promo code, and the rep emailed me back that I’d get the miles 8-10 weeks after the promo ends. They never said anything about not qualifying etc, which surprised me at the time!

I agree though that not pushing it is probably best. They could take back that 5k miles if they really wanted to, so I’ll be happy with what I have received.

I am not going to fight over this one, I only have the vim for a battle or two a month. Good luck to others to hold on to them or get them back!

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  1. […] Back in October United offered bonus miles for very modest spending on a co-branded United Visa. Then they changed the terms and conditions of the offer to restrict it to residents of certain Central American countries. And then they added even more bonus restrictions. And yet lots of people got the miles posted anyway. Now, apparently, United is taking those miles away. […]


  1. When the 5,000 miles were deposited on or around Dec 1. what was the description showing on the statement of all the accounts for which the 5,000 miles were ultimately reversed ?

  2. I just noticed that I had 5k points deducted from my balance and I didn’t even participate in the spending back in December! I wonder if they just unilaterally and accidentally added, and now subtracted, the 5k points for everyone with a Chase card?

  3. This is a CO practice, right? The old UA gave away miles and compensation like candy…I don’t know of another loyalty program that claws back miles like this iteration of UA.

  4. Same situation as Chris.
    Never applied for the bonus miles. (Late to the party before T & C change).
    Bonus miles posted and now reversed.

  5. Not a good day for me with CHASE or UA. Had these 5K miles reversed, then got no retention offer on the VISA for the annual fee and cancelled it.

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