How to humidify a hotel room

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I recently kvetched about my 2-day battle to claim a humidifier at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Reader suggestions poured in, deserving an encore.

joanek wrote:

I’m a speaker with many friends who are pro singers—here are a couple of tricks that can help if you aren’t able to find a humidifier.
If you are the type who takes a bath at night, don’t drain the tub. Leaving it filled adds a bit of moisture to the room. And if there’s an old style heating unit with a blowing fan under the window, fill up the ice bucket and put it nearby. If you’re there a couple of days, a vase of flowers can help!
And drink more water, too!

Steve added:

Put a small wet towel in the bucket and place its end over the vent (small overlap). Wicking action will draw water that the fan will evaporate into the air. A typical ice bucket is good for a few hours (not overnight) but the air stays moist afterwards.

Jialing found a portable humidifier:

Hubby and I go to LV 2x a year off 5 days. 2 years ago, we discovered by accident the benefit for a humidifier, when I got LASIK and had to have a humidifier around for a month. Both of us felt so much better having it around in the room!

But last year I discovered a travel size humidifier that we love, it just uses any normal sized water bottle. I LOVE how compact it is, which means it can go anywhere in your carry on!

I recommend this item to everyone.

Jon has the same humidifier:

I have the same travel humidifier and HIGHLY recommend it. For others that don’t know, it’s very small (for a humidifier) and comes with it’s own bag and you supply your own standard disposable water bottle. I usually use distilled water when I’m able to get a gallon from a local Previewstore (distilled water ensures that mineral deposits don’t form in the humidifier over time).

Awesome advice, and as I too had Lasik, often waking up in hotels with sandpaper eyelids, I may invest in that portable humidifier.

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