Winners of the Delta coupons

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The winners of the Delta coupons are:

#16, Pointasaurus, who wrote:

A drunk lady knocked her wine off in her seat and didn’t realize it and went to sit down on it, glass and all (we were in First). I quickly went to grab it as she was going in for a landing and of course she initially thought I was grabbing at something else. She quickly realized what I was doing when I handed her the glass and she commented “I didn’t know it was that big” referring to her butt. This was after she would not let me get up and allow her to access her seat but insisted on squeezing by me and I can assure you it was that big. Funny in the end except I had to listen to her talk drunkenese for the next 3 hours.

Delta Coupons 1

And #3, chris, who wrote:

Totally drink related…Had a canceled international flight and had to wait 10 hours in Detroit. Then when I boarded the aircraft I had to tear into a nice wine. It was the nicest drink ever.

Delta Coupons 2

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