When the hotel is secondary, don’t let problems scuttle the trip

Travel brings out the complainer in everyone (see Trip Advisor, any listing). It is understandable: travelers put tremendous pressure on themselves to have a great experience for their cost of time and money. This pressure can be a trip’s undoing when challenges arise. Flights and hotels are the major culprits for discord.

The Rapid Traveler took a last-minute trip to Savannah over the weekend and wrote about booking a hotel in an earlier post. Seeing Savannah was the primary purpose of the trip, the hotel secondary. The Rapid Traveler was indifferent about the location as long as a clean bed and steady internet connection were on offer. The hotel was exactly what a Courtyard is supposed to be, no more, no less, but the staff were chippy and too bitter over working a holiday to solve customer problems. A few things went wrong and soon The Rapid Traveler was in a stink. The pleasure of seeing Savannah could easily have been overshadowed by a few petty things.
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At moments like this The Rapid Traveler forces himself to stop and remind himself that when the hotel is secondary, it should stay secondary. Don’t waste time trying to resolve a hotel problem unless it is really worthwhile to success of the trip. After a good self-scolding he was back out in the sun , strolling idyllic Isle of Hope, rather than sparring with hotel staff.
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