Getting a visa to Paraguay

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Tell people from Paraguay’s neighbors that you are heading there for a vacation and you will elicit questioning looks of surprise and some of terror. We shall see.

The visa, however, is quite easy.

Many nationalities do not need a visa but citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US must get visas as part of diplomatic tit-for-tats over those countries’ visa policies for citizens of Paraguay.

Paraguay Consulate New York

In the US, in addition to the embassy in Washington, D.C., there are consulates in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. They all accept mail service, allow two weeks to be safe, while walk-in visas are generally processed same or next-day. The Rapid Traveler recently dropped his passport off at noon at the NY consulate and the visa was ready 3 hours later. Call to confirm hours. New York is conveniently open M-F 9-4, very generous for a consulate.

For tourist visas, US citizens need only submit passport, passport photo, application and payment (a $100 money order). New York and Los Angeles require the picture and form in duplicate, Washington D.C. one each is ok, while Miami’s website is broken and information unavailable.

The visa is multiple-entry and valid for the life of the passport.

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10 years ago

“passport, passport photo, application and payment (a $100 money order).” These are the same requirements for the Miami consulate. We’ve sent self addressed overnights from my office and had each of 3 separate requests returned in a week or less.

I’m enjoying working with the people in Asuncion, but I agree…it’s not an easy country to tour alone.

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@guera – it does seem tough to love, my guidebook warns in multiple tourist sights that I need to find guards for my car or it may be stripped down. But I am a completist and I am finishing off filling in my map of South America!

10 years ago

I have to admit that Paraguay is my least favorite country in South America, Although I visited there some time ago during the Stroessner regime. I’ll be very interested in your impressions.

10 years ago

Enjoy. I was a missionary there years ago and would like to visit again someday. The Itaipu Dam that borders Brazil is pretty impressive if you have the chance to visit.

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Mike

@Mike – thank you, I am hoping to visit the dam on my way over to Iguazu. Turns out finding a one-way car rental or driver is not a cheap proposition there, but my time allowance is too short for buses.