Video: Journey to the Largest Italian Fascist Statue in the World at the Tip of the Horn of Africa

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James Willcox of Untamed Borders shares his journey to the largest Italian fascist statue in the world at the tip of the Horn of Africa in this Royal Geographic Society mini-lecture:

See also the facebook photo album here.

Somalia is effectively separated into three broad territories: those ostensibly governed from Mogadishu, those out of Hargeisa under the name Somaliland which is further along to independent statehood than the final territory, Puntland, occupying the tip of the Horn of Africa. When I was waiting for a replacement plane in Hargeisa, I met the Minister of Tourism for Puntland awaiting his flight. James’ group might be the first organized group tour in several decades, though I know independent travelers who have hopped on a flight and shown up to various temperatures of welcome.

I have used Untamed Borders’ services for two prior trips (Disclaimer: I have paid all trips at full cost and have no sponsorship relationship with Untamed Borders). They operate in challenging territories from Afghanistan to the Caucasus to the Horn of Africa. When I asked around among travelers and scholars, they came back as savvy and culturally attuned, modulating their approach from full armored escort to low-key local dress. Both times I have been happy with their services.

One of the organizers of the Marathon of Afghanistan, the 2015 saw the first Afghan woman to complete a marathon in her homeland. They are planning the 2016 race now.

This is from their 2015 Bamyan Afghan Ski Challenge:

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6 years ago

Wow. Amazing journey to the Horn of Africa. Like earlier commenters, I learned a whole lot about places in the world I’ve never been to. Thank you for your refreshing take on travel!

6 years ago

yes very very interesting thanks.

6 years ago

Thanks for the link. Fascinating. I learned more about Somalia in those 12 minutes than from reading my daily cocktail of international newspapers over the past couple decades!