US Bank Gold Checking is Free if You Have Their Credit Card, Will it Help for Credit Card Approvals?

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US Bank is difficult and unpredictable for credit card approvals. Freezing IDA/ARS credit reports has helped some.

Over time I got both the personal and business Club Carlson cards when they launched and then last Winter Olympics got both personal and business FlexPerks Travel Rewards. A few months later tried for Avianca and was denied. Others are still trying to get their first card.

It has long been taken as a given that having a banking relationship can help with credit card approvals. A Chase agent will reference the total customer relationship when making a decision. Will it help with US Bank?

US Bank Gold Checking is an interesting product among major banks. As long as you have an open US Bank credit card, personal loan or line there is no monthly maintenance fee. No requirement for minimum balance or direct deposit. Reports are that the account application is a soft credit pull, not hard. Earlier this year there was a $150 sign-up bonus, now expired, that could be stacked with a $100 bonus for their START saving program. What’s not to like?

US Bank Gold Checking

I want to try for the new-ish FlexPerks Travel Amex version and am thinking of doing checking first. Or being greedy and waiting for a checking bonus.

Readers, any experience? Your take?

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7 years ago

Just curious – did you end up going this route (opening the checking account)?

I’m thinking of doing so – though I haven’t frozen IDA/ARS yet. Have the Club Carlson card but want to get a flexperks card and if a checking account will grease the application it seems like an easy thing to do.

I guess my question is – can you confirm it’s a soft pull? And should I wait until IDA and ARS are frozen before opening? I work right next to a branch, so will be opening in person.

Anyway – thanks for highlighting this…


[…] have the personal and business from the last Olympics, and personal and business Club Carlson. US Bank Gold Checking is free if you have one of their credit […]

7 years ago

Interesting. I have the personal CC, but when I applied for the business version, they were really weird – first, they gave me the “we’re thinking about it” routine for 3 weeks, then sent me postal mail asking me for the name of my business (which I clearly indicated was My Name during the online application). I called and told them my business name = my name. OK? OK. Three more weeks go by. They sent me another letter informing me that they needed more documentation about my business. I just shrugged and said screw it. IDA/ARS were frozen. That… Read more »

7 years ago

have the CC card. applied for the checking 2 months ago for the bonus. called next day and they told me to unfreeze my ida/ars report

i told them forget it.