Has Anyone Received their US Bank Club Carlson Visa $10k Spend Annual Certs?

Update: typical non sequitur, incompetent reply from US Bank when using the email method: “we are unable to match the verification information in your request to what is listed on your account,” huh?

US Bank email response

When the US Bank Club Carlson credit cards rejiggered their benefits last year, a new benefit was a US 1-night certificate for $10,000 spend in cardmember year.

US Bank Club Carlson Visa Anniversary Certs

The full terms are here (see below for full text).

I got both personal and business versions of the card immediately upon card release so my annual fees hit mid-December 2015. US Bank bonuses always take a long time to show, so each card’s 40,000 point renewal bonuses showed mid-February as usual, two statements after the annual fee.

No certs though. No certs with March statement, either.

I have called in and waded through agents confused about the benefit, and one who said, “I can only see 9 months but you only spend $7,500.” How about checking the full 12 months?

I have been told by US Bank I would receive written responses rather than immediate response or email. Two weeks later, silence. I have now tried US Bank’s email customer service, with low expectations. I have also opened an issue with Club Carlson where they are trying to contact US Bank for resolution.

Searching online I am not coming up with much discussion on this.

Has anyone received their certs and what did it take to get them?

Full text of benefit:

One Club CarlsonSM Visa® Reward Card Free Night E-Certificate (“E-Cert”) is available per Account if (i) you renew your Account by paying the Annual Fee by the due date printed on the statement in which the Annual Fee is billed, and (ii) you charged US $10,000 or more in Net Purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) on the Account during the 12-month period immediately prior to the statement on which the Annual Fee is billed. You must maintain a current, valid email address in your Club Carlson Account Profile in order to receive your E-Cert. Your E-Cert will be available in your Club Carlson account approximately 6-8 weeks after payment of the annual renewal fee. Each E-Cert is valid for a new reservation booked on a Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group website using the unique E-Cert code provided. Each E-Cert is valid for one night in one standard room, double occupancy, at any Radisson Blu®, Radisson®, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson, or Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM hotel in the United States. All taxes are included. All incidental charges, such as gratuities, parking, resort fees, room service and room entertainment are excluded. E-Certs expire 12 months from the date of issuance as indicated on the E-Cert. E-Certs are not valid for existing reservations and may not be used in conjunction with packages, promotions, group, convention or discounted rates, or used in combination with other gift certificates, e-certificates or vouchers. E-Certs may only be used once, and may not be brokered, bartered, sold or altered in any way. E-Certs have no cash value. Void where prohibited by law. U.S. Bank is not responsible for the E-Cert fulfillment.

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FYI – when I called and asked about the renewal points I was told I need to have activity on the account in order to issue a statement. I dont use the card at all, so I loaded $5 on my Amazon account and then the statement came showing the 40,000 points and my $5 charge. Meanwhile the Ecerts that both my husband and I have show invalid. So, I will be trying to figure out that next. These Ecerts were not the ones for spending 10k.

Racerboy80 (Will)

My annual fee posted on 10/02/15, and my bonus points (40,000) posted on 12/04/16, The E-cert arrived on 12/03/16 via email.

david d

Looks like it’s worth keeping then..

Nick O

I didn’t get mine, so I emailed and was told to ask the credit card company. I talked to them and they told me to call Club Carlson. I’ve talked to Club Carlson and they’re supposed to get back to me within 36-48 hours. That was Wednesday at 4:00 pm eastern. Shockingly, I haven’t heard back yet. I got my 40,000 anniversary points 8 weeks after my annual fee was paid.


I got my cert for the $10k spend. I also have the apology cert from last year in my account. The apology cert expires this Dec 31st and is good worldwide. The annual cert is good for a year from issue and only good in the US. Annual fee posted in Jan, 40k after February statement, free cert upon close of March statement.

I have the business version and spent 10k on mine. Annual fee posted in January, 40K points posted 2 months after, cert posted in between the fee and the points. Also, got the free “we’re sorry we took the 241 from you” cert last year. However, I called after annual fee posted to ask about the cert and they said they’d call me back about it. Then the cert posted a couple weeks later without a call. THEN they called me a couple weeks after that and told me I wasn’t eligible for the cert because I didn’t spend 10K… Read more »

My husband has not received his. I keep hoping it shows up so I don’t have to ask him to call!


My wife did receive hers 2 months after the fee posted. My fee posted in February and I am still waiting for my bonus points and the cert.


It’s a mess with these to companies. Still waiting on my anniversary points, I was charged my annual fee in December. Called, they said id get them March 12. Still no points.


@Corey my 40k took the full 2 cycles to post last year. I know because I was charged the AF sometime in March/April and the points were set to post like 2 days after the 2×1 deal was scheduled to end according to my math and there was no pleading that worked with them about posting the points earlier. They posted right on schedule, two full cycles after my AF statement closed.


No, I asked them a few months ago and they said they would follow up. I was getting ready to report it to consumer protection since they have done nothing about it.


Correction, whatever the number of points is for the highest category bookable by the certificate which I’m sure is not 70,000.


I spent the $10k in January but haven’t been charged the annual fee yet so I have no data points on this yet. Hopefully it never posts and I can complain and get 70,000 points instead.