The Strangest Upgrade Notification I Have Ever Received, United

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I stepped out of the subway to an automated voicemail from United: there is a “flight change” for my scheduled trip tomorrow to Nassau, Bahamas. I should call for more information.

I groaned.

I checked my email. Nothing.

I checked the United app. Reservation and flight status all show fine.

I called United. The agent hunted around, then said, “Oh, your upgrade.”

United Upgrade ConfirmedHow odd.

I remarked this weekend that this trip doubles my lifetime complementary upgrades and how I found it odd to get no email notification for either segment. Wouldn’t United want to share the good news?

Now I have my notification. Is this standard United practice? If so, why have a cryptic phone message causing travelers to think their trip is disrupted and then waste their and United’s time on a phone call?

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6 years ago

We got a message like that when we went to Hawaii. I had upgraded the overnight segment to first class because there were reasonable cash prices to do so. I didn’t put the two together, but maybe the change in fare class caused us to get the message. If not, I don’t know what it was. I checked online and nothing was different. I called in and they couldn’t find anything different either.

6 years ago

hey RTC, what premier status level do you hold w/ united? and how long have u held it? curious because i’m wondering if your historical lack of upgrades speaks to the troubles of being a low-level elite in United’s system.

James Connors
6 years ago

I had an odd one this past Saturday. I have booked an epic honeymoon mostly on *Alliance partners for April. The new itinerary message doesn’t highlight the change at all. I rechecked everything and all the flight numbers, times, destinations all checked out. I even called the premier desk and they couldn’t find it It wasn’t until the next day when trying to input my fiance’s global entry credentials that we found the offender. Without notice, Air China cancelled a bunch of flights including ours and then rescheduled us the next day. The odd thing though, was that the segments… Read more »

6 years ago

StRange indeed. Complimentary*