So That’s Why Asiana Weighs All Luggage at JFK

Dropping off my mother-in-law at China Southern I thought this young woman clogging up the line had the crown for obscene amount of luggage. The black color and perspective conceal the full extent of these parcels, which to call them body bags would imply they could only hold one.

China Southern JFK Check-In

Then I strolled out via Asiana to see them weighing every single piece of luggage.

Asiana JFK Check-In 1

As I passed by, I saw these two young women and their polka dot caravan.

Asiana JFK Check-In 2

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WoW writing this makes me wonder what people nowdays would consider a blg or an Article. This is a joke


What did they really can buy so much to fill those bags I wonder. Arn’t they all made in China anyway?


Lots of Chinese are asked to bring back this and that for other family members or friends. It is an obligation to do this. I would imagine you are seeing 1 suitcase for the traveler and the others full of “stuff” going back to China. My wife is Chinese and this is always how we travel – I feel like I am taking the whole freaking house!


I dont get this article. what am I missing? so people carry lots of luggages, you expect that from people that can afford to buy things in the US because supposedly they are cheaper from where they came from. If they can have that many luggages, do you think they really care how much the extra luggage charge is? sometimes they have 2 person in line when they check in the rest of the tour shows up.
That’s why title of the article doesnt make sense, do you mean ASIAN not ASIANA?


I see no possible way the difference between an F/J ticket and a Y ticket would be worth the limited baggage fees you would save.


You see that a lot with asian destinations, mainly because some stuff is way cheaper or better quality over here that people load up when they visit family back in the motherland. It also works in reverse sometimes also.


a lot of face to be gained to bring western goods back to give friends an co workers.


wonder how much they paid in excess baggage fees and if they would be better off buying F/J tix for more baggage