Stay in NYC Where the Super Bowl Teams Sleep

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Hyatt for the Broncos, Westin for the Seahawks.

Hyatt Regency Jersey City 02

Westin Jersey City 02

My neighborhood has been turned into Super Bowl central this week as the two combatants have encamped in the Jersey City waterfront. I have written before about the hotels here as an alternative to Manhattan hotels.

The value proposition:

  • To get a great panorama of Manhattan you need to be across the water, and no area  hotel can rival the view from Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson at Exchange Place.
  • These hotels are not bargain-basement as they have steady weekday traffic from the nearby back-office operations of many banks, however, like for like, these hotels are often $200-300 compared to $300-500 across the water.
  • Public transport is really convenient with 24-hour PATH trains from Hoboken, Newport and Exchange Place linking to Midtown up to Herald Square, and a separate line to World Trade Center. Fare is $2.50 and you can use your NYC MTA MetroCard.
  • Access to Newark Airport is a 20-minute taxi ride away without worrying about tunnel traffic or tolls. Also, PATH links up to NJT/AirTrain or bus 62 at Newark Penn Station. The bus is cheaper and faster.
  • The area is relaxing and safe.

Hyatt Regency Jersey City 01


  • Don’t stay if you insist on using taxis to Manhattan. You will pay in time and money with near-constant congestion at the Holland Tunnel.
  • Public transport access to the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor is a real hassle, so use the NY Waterway ferry service, which has frequent service 7 days a week. Not all ferry lines are as frequent.
  • Cheaper hotel options lay inland in places like Secaucus and beyond, though relying on NJT trains, and hotel shuttles, can be confusing and frustrating for visitors.

The main options, by PATH station:

Hoboken (hippest hotel and area):

Newport (quiet and corporate, with shopping mall next door):

Exchange Place (best view):

Westin Jersey City 01

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Patrick McCann
8 years ago

I live in Jersey City also and this is some good advice, particularly for people doing business near Path accessible locations.comment image

However, I would add a caveat that Path service on the weekends can be a little sporadic, but reliably sticks on a schedule, easily accessed by sms to coocoo (266266).

8 years ago

Interesting… I’ll have to bookmark this. Thanks.

8 years ago

I live in Manhattan (midtown) and work in Jersey City very close to both the Hyatt and Westin. The commute during the week to midtown is easy on the Ferry. It’s about 12 minutes from Paulus Hook (near Hyatt) to midtown 39th street Ferry. There are free ferry buses waiting in Midtown which go to multiple destinations. I have been in both of these hotels are and they are very nice. The views from the Hyatt are amazing and the Westin is a very well kept property. If I were a visitor to the NYC area, I would definitely consider… Read more »

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago
Reply to  Mark

@Mark – thanks for the added detail, I have been in each hotel’s lobby but not seen the rooms. I was really disappointed when Newport ferry service was dropped a few months ago, though it was limited to weekday rush hours. Good option for the Hyatt, as you point out. The Hyatt is quite festive on weekends when there are often massive weddings from the large South Asian population nearby.

8 years ago

Why on earth would anyone stay there who is visiting Manhattan? Nonsensical.

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago
Reply to  Boraxo

@Boraxo – I tried to lay it out, but in summary, good hotels, good prices, good views, transport on the PATH is nicer than that MTA with quick.access to key parts of Manhattan, lots of Manhattan commuters use PATH over MTA, in fact.

@Xavier – indeed, me too.

8 years ago

hearing sirens all morning today …