SPG & Emirates Your World Rewards is an Impressively Executed Partnership

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SPG has taken it Delta Crossover Rewards model overseas in the newly launched Your World Rewards with Emirates.

SPG Emirates Your World Rewards

Like Crossover Rewards, there are benefits and earning opportunities for elites of both programs.

I am impressed by the well-thought FAQ. The quick take is to go ahead and register, it won’t disrupt your Delta Crossover Rewards, you get benefits in both, though can only earn in one.

Even better, upon registration, there is a clear screen for airline earning preference. You can mange your choice at spgpromos.com/myairlinepartner.

Your World Rewards Airline Earning Selection

I have not flown Emirates, however it is nice to have this in place for the airport benefits should I do so.

I am curious what other airlines Starwood will add. Presumably there is some form of regional exclusivity.

Since United copies most everything that Delta does, will they be scrambling to call up Etihad or Qatar next?

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6 years ago

We flew EK F CPT-DXB-LAX a few weeks ago–for our first time with EK. As an SPG Plat, I was excited for the possibility to earn more SPG points…but it turns out that we earned far more points with Alaska, another EK partner. We both earned almost 30k AS miles, as opposed to the 6400 SPG points we would have earned (we got a very good deal on the EK F flights at $3200 apiece OW!). We don’t fly EK enough to care about the EK miles–since we also have MRs and SPG points anyway. I doubt we will fly… Read more »

6 years ago

The EK-SPG collaboration does have some nice benefits, though I tried it out in the first week and had issues with ground staff at SYD even acknowledging the program. Hopefully since then, airport staff have been made aware. For points reciprocity, this also took a while. The name match has to be exact (no spaces, special characters) or it will not take place automatically.