Saint Petersburg: Russia’s Stately, Quiet Beauty

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Saint Petersburg is a still-life on a blustery fall day. Parts of the city are hopping, though the old town favored by tourists sits stoic in the sun. Most Buildings are private residences without facades of restaurants and shops.

St Petersburg 01

St Petersburg 02

St Petersburg 03

The quirks of everyday life appear from an abandoned car wreck to two ladies perhaps regretting that open top canal cruise to a refreshing top up and at a warm Georgian restaurant.

St Petersburg 04

St Petersburg 05

St Petersburg 06

St Petersburg 07

St Petersburg 08

A tourist can stroll in the footsteps of Raskolnikov lost in thoughts of Saint Petersburg’s artistic grandeur.

St Petersburg 09

St Petersburg 10

St Petersburg 11

Note that the phalanx of tour buses outside the Hermitage suggest the peak of summer may not be the ideal time to enjoy the city’s charms.

Saint Petersburg 12

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Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool
8 years ago

ahh yes.. the old mushroomeater canal street