Podcast Roundup: Babushkas of Chernobyl, Wry Qatar, “I Thought I Was Going to Join the Islamic Disney World” and More

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Podcasts of note:

  • CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviews Ukraine’s President Poroshenko and Myanmar’s State Counsellor Ang San Suu Kyi, questions from Putin to Rohingya, a highlight is the Poroshenko chuckle when it is noted that Russia says it does not direct separatists in eastern Ukraine
  • Amateur Traveler’s funniest episode Travel to Qatar, I groaned when I saw the title thinking it would be a hour of an over-passionate person trying to make the places sound like a wonderland, instead we get a (British) humorous takes of the highs and lows of a 6-year expat
  • Vice President Joe Biden addressing the Council on Foreign Relations, I am ever more disappointed he did not run for president this election
  • Disrupting ISIS recruitment online on Lawfare, tells us about ourselves online as well as them, “I thought I was going to join the Islamic Disney World…I just looked at the stuff I liked.”
  • My Classical Chinese professor Victor Mair at the US Naval Academy speaking on The Impact of the Internet on Chinese Language and Chinese Studies:

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6 years ago

The first link of CNN’s interview doesn’t exist: (

6 years ago

what’s the best app to listen podcast for android users on the smartphone?