NYtick: Wyndham Garden Chinatown, opening TBD, has me fascinated

I am no hotel junkie, yet regularly walking by the slow ( recently accelerating) construction for the Wyndham Garden Chinatown has me fascinated. I don’t think I have ever been in a Wyndham Garden and assumed it to be a mid/low-end brand. A quick look at their New York area options shows what looks to be high, mid and dumpy all under the same flag. I thought perhaps this was an abandoned high-end condo project cum hotel. The south side of the building is windowless so either the rooms are huge or they plan to offer bargain-priced ‘concete view’ room, face-to-face with the grittiness of the city.

Wyndham Garden Chinatown 001

The hotel’s website proclaims a summer 2012 opening and also a September 2012 opening. Summer is gone, September is optimistic. Rooms not yet for sale.

It sure looks cool and is a great, offbeat location for seeing NY. Walkers will enjoy reaching World Trade Center and Soho.

Wyndham Garden Chinatown 002

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Peter S

I saw the building in May. I think they are only the second major hotel chain to have a hotel in Chinatown. First one is Hoday Inn on Lafayatt.


Who the f* want to stay in chinatown!! Its dirty, smelly, nothing to do, and did i say smelly?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Mike – proximity to excellent bubble tea.


Smells of good food due. Its in Manhattan. Who wants to stay in Jersey?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Charles, well, Jersey City and Hoboken have some of the best hotel options to enjoy NY, see my piece on the options and views.


I’m from NYC and I find this new building really ugly – doesn’t blend well with the rest of the neighborhood.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Dennis – I agree it sticks out, I am thinking something like a Russian oligarch’s pad, now abandoned for the latest fancy, and re-purposed as a hotel, like the Ambani family mansion in Mumbai.


Ah, that it was designed for a Russian oligarch explains the pillared penthouse


I, for one, loved the Wyndham Garden Chinatown New York architecture. Actually, it’s the main reason pushing me to consider the hotel on my next visit to NYC. It’s a very pretty building in a not pretty neighborhood. Things don’t need to blend all the time. The glass piramid at the Louvre Museum has nothing to do with its architecture, really sticks out and looks very interesting.