Nominee for Most Ominous Turndown Service

I returned to my room at the Intercontinental Marine-Drive Mumbai, an impressive hotel that upgrades IHG RewardsPlatinums to Junior Suites, to find a turndown tray with chocolates, a card advertising a selection of pillows and quilts, and the image of Don Corleone intoning, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Intercontinental Mumbai 16

Intercontinental Mumbai 15

Makes me feel all warm inside as I snuggle into the sheets.

The reverse of the card revealed it to be an advertisement. “Call Concierge for full list of In room Entertainment.” I did not call.

Intercontinental Mumbai 17

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5 Comments on "Nominee for Most Ominous Turndown Service"

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Did you check your bed for a horses head?


Lol. That is somewhere between disturbing and funny.


LOL. Same comment as ctbarron.

Probably disturbing if it happened to me (def not warm and fuzzy), kind of creepy actually. Reading it is actually kind of funny.

Poor marketing.


and your banner ad at the end of your comments for ‘luxury eco travel’ is a photo of 2 horses’ heads! (zebra, but close enough for best themed tie-in of the day). well done.

Jan Kate

Totally agree that it’s really funny and yeah indeed creepy! I might not really be able to sleep well thinking about horse’s head. Marketing team needs to brainstorm, seriously…