Newspapers in a lounge at 5:30 pm? Must be the holiday business travel lull

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The Rapid Traveler rolled into ATL this afternoon to fly back to New York after a week in Mexico and Atlanta. His favorite Sky Club, which opens mid-afternoon, is closed for renovations (hopefully not receiving the Clockwork Orange-style stark white treatment of new clubs) and he had no hopes for newspapers beyond loose scraps of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and perhaps a section of USA Today. On a typical day the first batch of papers is gone within moments of the doors opening and few lounge dragons make an effort to sprinkle out a reserve throughout the day.

Stopping at the Terminal T Sky Club, one of the better ones and much less crowded than the Terminal “B” for bus station clubs, he was stunned to see the triple crown of newspapers, crisp and new: NYT, WSJ, FT. A delightful diversion from the 90-minute (and counting) delay.

ATL Sky Club Newspapers

The US holiday business travel lull between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is upon us. Enjoy until you have families in tow for the actual holidays…

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