New candidate for most egregious leaner-backer

On The Rapid Traveler’s Kenny Airways return, the 737 segment between Johannesburg (JNB) and Nairobi (NBO), the decrepit seat in front of his seatmate was broken, allowing extra deep recline. This Swiss citizen (identified by the colorful passport pages) took every advantage, providing the passenger behind the option to eat lunch off his head. Despite a request from the flight attendant, he only momentarily lifted the seat up to allow the tray table to be deployed and then took another of his many deep thrusts back.

KQ 012

This provocation at the minimum deserved the cold jet of air trained on his head counterstrike, and a few ‘accidental’ kicks to the back of the seat were also justified. But the taciturn victim preferred a quiet burn. He even kicked his briefcase under The Rapid Traveler’s legs, asking him to lift it to retrieve some papers.

KQ 011

Readers no doubt have stories and pics of their own: welcome to share!

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I would do a lot of soggy sneezing at this point.


The Swiss guy must have thought he hit the seat jackpot! What a jerk!


I don’t understand why airlines allow seats to recline in the FIRST place. One of the most heinous crimes in my book.


What a disrespectful person. I’m sure he would argue that he paid for the seat and he was fully exercising his rights, but c’mon. One can only hope that someday he’ll be on the receiving end of this from the person in front of him.


Hate to say it but women are more respectful of space- I would have let him sleep and loud sneeze, sprinkle of water and bathroom breaks w grabbing back of seat and pulling up or any other way to rerun favor- what a douche bag

The Weekly Flyer

Did you stop when he aske you to kick off his shoes and scratch his left big toe? 😀

Hilarious description!

The Weekly Flyer

I bet he said “my lucky day” and then reclined.

Jon-Bentley Wiggins

Swiss! Cheese.

Jimmy @TravelByPoints

For a moment, I thought that you were stuck behind the Swiss guy and had asked your seatmate to take a picture of you. This just made your elite-saving sacrifice even more admirable!