My Planet Hollywood room is creepy – Johnny Depp intensely staring at my bed

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Johhny Depp staring at my bed and a green lit dress under glass for a table.

Planet Hollywood 1

Planet Hollywood 2

I am not digging this Planet Hollywood vibe. One of my colleagues is unsettled by being in the Brandon Lee room.

By the way, the Spice Market Buffet is sub-par, the Gordon Ramsay BurGR is ok despite the officious staff and I hear the truffle Parmesan fries are delicious, and Planet Dailies has a cinnamon roll French toast that is an entire loaf of bread. Sorry no pics of those, couldn’t very well do that with clients and colleagues.

Last year I had a seafood-hunting Las Vegas buffet tour with the Mrs.

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Many of the buffets have deteriorated over the years.

Last year the Wynn was great.


Plus side: At least not dressed as Cpt. Jack Sparrow?

Aaron S
Aaron S

Are you in Vegas for CES? If so, I recommend the Aria buffet. I have been since the remodel, but it used to be very good – and all you can drink wine for $6. If you’re still in town get in touch and I would be happy to meet you there this week!

Mary E.
Mary E.

I think you need to think Johnny Depp is sexy to begin with to be able to appreciate the vibes there.