Morning Chai: Jogging Act of War, Destroy Time Zones, Grizzled Hobby Veterans and More

On my mind: Today I am guest teaching my high school’s Middle East class. When I was in high school Israel-Palestine would have been issues #1, #2 and #3, now it may not crack the top 5.





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I’m sure they have their counter arguments, but getting rid of time zones seems to me solve one problem to create another. Today I know London is six hours ahead of me or Hawaii is four hours behind me (for example). If I’m doing business with those places, I can do the math. If everyone has the same time zone, I then will have to figure out what their business hours are, and they will differ widely, because in general people will always want to do business by day and sleep by night. So I will have to keep track… Read more »
The period story makes me ill. I’ll join with Mr. Mondale in his fight against mining in the BWCA. I’ve been twice, the first being in 1976. My now hubby and I went canoeing, portaging, and camping in the BWCA in 1989 for ten days. By ourselves. Our first night out a bear destroyed our “bear proof pack” which was hung on a very high tree branch, as every camper there is told to do, and ate all of our food. Now what? We are in the middle of nowhere, with a bear in our camp, and no food for… Read more »

can you put the class on YouTube? I would like to be your student for once at least:)