Morning Chai: Amnesty for Sexual Assault Victims, OTA Hijinks, Successful MS and More

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On my mind: I took a break from the news this week. Time with my wife and friends, fantastic Portuguese seafood in Newark’s Ironbound, sunny fall days on the waterfront.



  1. A foul-mouthed take: how half of America lost its f**king mind. The urbanization city vs rural divide is more openly wrestled with in many other countries.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg should spend $45 billion on undoing Facebook’s damage to democracies. Article from December 2015.
  3. What is a nation? The politics is hyperbolic, for me the powerful section is about America as a county, a nation and a state:

I’m not an Irish-American, I’m not a German-American, I’m not an Italian-American, I’m not even an Anglo-American. My whole life, I’ve only ever been an American.

Until I went to Russia. In Russia, “America” is a state (государство), but not a nationality (нация)….

In my youth, I could simply never understand what was a “country,” what was a “nation,” and what was a “state.” That’s because in my mind America was all three: a country (purple mountains majesty, sea to shining sea, etc.), a state (government, Constitution), and a nation (all of us Americans).



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6 years ago

Can you get over anti-Trump mood and stop being so angry? The election is over. Have you ever thought readers might also want to get back normal life? How are going to help with so many anti -Trump links?

6 years ago

I’ve long put a lot of the blame on social media and its ability to connect niche communities (and their bespoke media) for the rise of post-fact politics. Who needs facts when you can incubate your own?

I hadn’t really stopped to consider the situation of such communities where there is no reliable media. We talk about such media giving voice to the oppressed…but there are some real downsides too.