Hongqiao’s New Terminal, Stolen Flag of Romania, and Disastrous Adaptations of ‘Dune’

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On my mind: pick your news source for report after report on what the new Trump electronics travel restrictions are or aren’t. Safety measure? Religious war salvo? Protectionism? Misdirection?

The difference between a Trump supporter and opponent may be that supporters only believe him when it is something they like, and opponents when it is something they don’t.

Call them lies, untruths or what have you. We already see the risk in serious matters where the only thinking approach is to not believe anything from the US President unless independently, factually corroborated. Any number of agendas seem plausible for every shambolic action from this White House.

Have a listen: The Lawfare Podcast: What Happens When We Don’t Believe the President’s Oath?





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